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  1. I was very interested to read the account of the Fearnan Air Crash of May 1943 and I think I would have been the infant daughter carried in my mothers arms as my sister Mary would have been 4years old by then, whereas I would have been just a year old. My mother was Mary Maclaren and my father was Archie and we lived at Dalicheran and I also had 2 brothers Archie and Charlie (Chick) and a younger sister Anne. We used to hear about the plane coming down but at the time it seemed to be cloaked in secrecy and nobody knew much. Also I remember John Stewarts bus and going up the glen one day with Dolly with the groceries and on another occasion the whole school getting to go to the Birks Cinema to see “Bambi” as a treat from Mrs Douglas of Corriegorm who was very kindhearted and we all got a bag of sweeties as well. I wonder if you would like to have a ticket for the opening of the Hall for your archives, as I have one and I also have a photo of my Mum presenting Miss Maynard with a gift on the occasion of her leaving the area to go travelling after her parents died. She was the last teacher in Fearnan. I am delighted to get the Blog news, and I,m not that far away as I now stay in Kinloch_Rannoch. Regards Isobel Johnstone
    (new McLaren)

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