Fearnan in the Past

From time to time, the Fearnan Blog features articles about the village in the past.  They have been collected together on this page, for ease of reference.

Please note that, unless otherwise stated, the copyright of all text on this website is held by the writer of the article, and the copyright of all photos is in the ownership of the person that took them.

A Wartime Childhood – Alastair Barnett recalls his childhood in Fearnan as a WW2 evacuee.

The McLean Hall Fearnan – unlike many other village halls, the McLean Hall was not sponsored by a benefactor and the fact that it exists at all was down to the considerable efforts of those who lived in the village some 60 years ago.

The Bus from Fearnan to Tannoch Brae! – the story of the old hotel bus.

The Tigh-an-Loan Hotel – for many years, the Tigh-an-Loan Hotel was an important part of the social and economic life of Fearnan.

The Fearnan Literary Society 1886 – 1890 – the Minute Book of the Society reveals that every Tuesday evening during the winter months, between 20 and 30 men from the village would meet for an evening of debates, essays and recitations.

The Fearnan Air Crash 1943 – three Russian airmen and a Czechoslovakian colleague died during WW2 when their plane crashed in the Cow Park, just missing the village. More than 70 years later, the full story began to emerge when the Blog was contacted by a Russian author who was writing a book about the pilot who was also a Hero of the Soviet Union. In 2019, a Commemoration Ceremony was held and attended by descendants of those who died Ceremony of Commemoration for the Fearnan Air Crash

Fearnan 500 BC – the fertile land around Fearnan has been farmed continuously for about 3,000 years, and thanks to the excavation of the crannog in Fearnan Bay, we know quite a lot about our iron-age predecessors.

Fearnan School 1785 – 1968 tells the story of Fearnan School from when it was built in 1785 to its closure in 1968. The School Log Books not only provide an insight into school life, but also into village life over several generations.

Old Lawers Village – the deserted village on the shores of Loch Tay where the seer, The Lady of Lawers, lived.

Fearnan War Memorial – we have succeeded in finding information about the WW1 service of the 8 men whose names appear on the War Memorial, and photographs of 7 of them, which are all included in the post Remembering WW1

A description of the reaction in Fearnan to news of the Armistice in 1918 is contained in WW1 Armistice in Fearnan 1918 and 2018

A Fearnan Christmas records a typical wartime Christmas in the village.

The Brydones in Fearnan tells the story of a local family in the village.