Useful Contact Numbers


Scottish and Southern Electricity: 0800 300 999

Scottish Water:  0800 0778778

Crime Stoppers: 0800 555111

Tayside Police: Emergency 999, non-emergency 101

NHS 24: 111

Aberfeldy Surgery : 01887 820366

Aberfeldy Vet: 01887 820771

Anti Social Problems: This includes: rough camping, fly tipping (rubbish or human waste), drunken behaviour, noise nuisance, verbal abuse, drug dealing and can be reported by phone to PKC on 01738 476173 (this is a 24/7 number), or by email to Safer Communities . You can also use the police non-emergency number 101.

Boreland: call the Duty Manager on 07368 414455 about any problems related to Boreland, including noise.

Traffic offences, stray animals or criminal offences can be reported by phone on 101 or on line at

Arrange Refills of the roadside salt and grit bins by calling PKC Customer Services on 01738 476476.

Road Related Issues: This includes potholes, verges, water drainage issues etc – anything to do with the condition and safety of the road.

Driving Safety Issues: This includes: speeding, dangerous driving, unsafe parking (on blind bends/summits or blocking roads or access), vehicles over-weight for small bridges, driving in convoys – basically any driving that makes excessive noise, causes danger/risks injury to other road users (including animals) or risks damage to property.

  • Phone Police Non-Emergency number: 101. This is the central number and all calls are logged – we have been advised that this is the best number to call to ensure there is a record of the call.

 It has been stressed that we need to report things so that there is a record of the issue – we will not be wasting police time by doing so.

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