Recycling, Reading and Remembering

Recycling Update

We have news of two new recycling initiatives in the villlage:

Jenny Penfold has started recycling medicine blister packs. She drops them off in Perth on a regular basis, and is happy to act as a collection point for other people’s empty packs.

These days, heaps (literally) of blister packs are being put into landfill every month so, from now on, once you’ve popped your pills, pop the packs into the box that Jenny will put up at Clach an Tuirc.

Look out for the poster on the left.

Jenny is also waiting for a collection box for recycling ink cartridges.  She has signed up for an ink cartridge recycling scheme with the Recycling Factory:(

Currently she has opted to give all proceeds from the Fearnan box to the SSPCA. The Recycling Factory take almost all types of cartridge and the box will go up with the other ones in her front porch at Clach an Tuirc.

The Library Bus is back!

The Mobile Library will be back in Fearnan on Tuesday 11th May between 16.00 and 16.30.  It comes every 2 weeks at the same time, so it will be back on the 25th May, 8th June, 22nd June and so on.  There is more info on

Fearnan Book Club

The book reviewed in April was The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri, who worked in camps with Syrian refugees and witnessed, at first hand, the inevitable suffering that such conflicts inflict. This was an insightful and informative book. The descriptions of life before the war/troubles softened the story as you relaxed into the descriptions of the flower meadows and beekeeping. The story’s authenticity was reflected throughout her writing and through the portrayal of settings, characters and their trauma at seeing killings, fleeing danger and suffering in refugee camps as they tried to reach the UK. 

The privations of the journey, as well as those once they reached the UK and were awaiting the result of their asylum application, were spelled out quite clearly.  

Some found this a difficult, moving book to read and heartbreakingly sad, while at the same time it was also described as compelling and having the right amount of light and shade. 

We wondered at their continuing resilience in the face of so many traumas. It is so well written that we could imagine the horrors of the well-described journey and the exploitation of people when they were at their most vulnerable. The human spirit is an amazing thing. They demonstrated great resilience in completing their journey, but were not immune from underlying high levels of anxiety and depression experienced not only on the way but also once they reached the UK. 

The brutality (Afra’s rape) and corruption (Nuri’s participation in murder and illicit drug distribution) which refugees face on their journeys were highlighted. 

We hoped that they might eventually find some happiness with the return of Afra’s sight and the resumption of the activities that had been a huge part of their life.

The book to be reviewed in May is The Windsor Knot by S. J. Bennett.

This is her first book in a whodunnit series. It is set in 2016. An intriguing, original concept for a series with an unusual sleuth!  

PKC Visitor Action Plan

A letter with information about the Visitor Action Plan that PKC are implementing over the summer to deter dirty camping and to promote responsible tourism throughout the season has been delivered to houses in the village.

Although most visitors behave responsibly, last year a number of communities suffered from anti-social behaviour such as littering and vandalism as well as from drivers who parked their cars inconsiderately, making it difficult for other traffic, including emergency vehicles to pass.

This year the resources of the key agencies are being channelled through the Perth & Kinross Council-led Visitor Management Group, which includes Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue as well as Forestry and Land Scotland. Hopefully, this co-ordinated approach, along with the appointment of 3 Visitor Management Rangers for Highland Perthshire will mean greater support  (and more boots on the ground) for the communities that have suffered from irresponsible tourism in recent years.  The Management Group say they will be increasing patrols to help prevent anti-social behaviour.

If you want to report any incidents, you can phone 101, or email the dedicated email address Reporting incidents is important, not just to get assistance but to help establish a picture of the scale of the problem.

Cameron Thomson

On Thursday, the funeral of Cameron Thomson was held in Kenmore. Cameron, who lived in this area for many years, was a true countryman, as well as being a mole catcher, gardener, fencer, school bus driver, and fiddle-maker – but perhaps he was best known as the original Horn Carver of Lawers.

Back in 2014, when Cameron was approaching his 90th birthday but still employed cutting grass for a number of residents, The Blog wrote a profile of him, which can be read here.

(The photo of Cameron was taken by Polly Pullar.)

Russian Airmen Commemoration

The 9th May is Victory Day in Russia, when they mark the end of the war against nazism and remember those who died in that war. The Russian Vice Consul from Edinburgh came to lay a wreath at the Fearnan Stone which commemorates those who died in the wartime air crash in the Cow Park.

Sue also laid a small posy of spring flowers on behalf of the FVA.

And Finally……..

It’s bluebell time!

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About Fearnan Village Association

Fearnan Village Association was formed in 2007 to provide a means through which those who live in the village can come together to discuss and respond to issues of importance to the village, particularly those that will have an impact on our quality of life. We also organise social events, such as the very popular Pudding Night in February, Strawberry TeaZ in July, and other events and coffee mornings throughout the year.
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