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Happy Easter, everyone!

And we have a fabulous Easter photo to start with, thanks to Angela and Alastair.  Lambing doesn’t stop for Lockdown, and the team at Ewetopia have been working non-stop.

Angela and Alastair are seen here with Chantal (from Holland) on the left, and Anais (from France). Angela says she is the Gofer but we suspect she is much, much more than that!

Update on Lockdown Deliveries

Ben Lawers Hotel will be delivering Sunday Roast meals to the Hall car park on Sunday afternoon. They cost £8.95 each and should be ordered by 16.00, for delivery at 17.00. Phone 01567 820436 for info and to place your order.

Paul and Dee have also extended their Friday night delivery menu so, in addition to pizza, you can now order: mince, tatties and dumplings; chicken curry and rice; or sausage mash and onion gravy. What’s not to like?

Other takeaway options that we’ve been notified about include Chekchek’s Greek restaurant in The Square, Aberfeldy (01887 830402), although takeaways need to be collected from Aberfeldy, and Must Eat Deliveries in Aberfeldy who will deliver: 01887 829300 or www.musteatscotland.co.uk

Info about other regular deliveries during Lockdown is on our Lockdown Deliveries page on this Blog. Sadly, despite much research, we have been unable to find any details of a Cadbury’s Mobile Shop, laden with Easter eggs, and heading to Fearnan.  Hopefully, the choc-a-holics managed to get their own supplies in advance.

Life Under Lockdown

We have some more Lockdown Moments.

The variety of projects going on in Fearnan during Lockdown is endlessly fascinating. Who would have thought, for example, that there was work going on to help unlock the secrets of past weather patterns? Well, Dolan is beavering away at his computer doing just that.

It’s well known that we spend an inordinate amount of time either checking what the weather is going to do, or talking about it. Scientists who earn a living by studying the climate are tapping into this obsession in order to ensure that old weather records are digitised and made available to researchers.

The records in question cover decades worth of significant data and go back to the mid-19th century, but they are handwritten and need transcribing. It would take years for scientists to do it themselves so they asked for volunteers to help with the task.

So, Dolan volunteered and is now helping the Met Office by transcribing these old hand written rainfall records. He has some records for Auchtermuchty on the screen in the picture.

This project aims to fill in the gaps in our historical rainfall observation network and to better understand wet, dry and normal periods in our history. One of the keys to understanding extremes of weather like the Beast from the East is to compare them with major events recorded in past centuries.

Elsewhere in Fearnan, Jo is passing Lockdown by spending extra time in her favourite space – her studio – sketching and painting, as well as designing an Easter card to email to the family round the world. Another current project involves various depictions of Fearnan – looks like that’s one of them on the easel.

Jo has also had a lot of fun creating and emailing projects to her great grandchildren, who can’t go to play group, to keep them occupied.

These have ranged from building and decorating a snowman (first snows in NZ,) to making their own porridge, building a hedgehog shelter, or growing tomatoes on their bedroom window sill.

This week’s project is an Easter Egg to print off, colour and decorate with birds’ feathers from the garden or found on walks. (If anyone wishes to use them for their own young relatives just email Jo.)

First results from Carlie aged 3 in New Zealand, who seems to have some very exotic birds in her garden!

Douglas is doing the 10 Today – an exercise programme from Sport England and Demos designed for older people, but he refused to be photographed whilst doing his workout!

Jo did manage to get a pic of him enjoying his post-exercise reward – coffee and cake! He was also contemplating pruning the pear trees…… which he did!

Do send your own Lockdown Moments to the Blog (fiona@fearnanvillageassociation.com). We’d love to hear from some of the Fearnan ‘diaspora’ in other parts of the UK or overseas. Let us know what Lockdown is like for you.

About Fearnan Village Association

Fearnan Village Association was formed in 2007 to provide a means through which those who live in the village can come together to discuss and respond to issues of importance to the village, particularly those that will have an impact on our quality of life. We also organise social events, such as the very popular Pudding Night in February, Strawberry TeaZ in July, and other events and coffee mornings throughout the year.
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